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Forbes calls him "one of Wall Street's most renowned growth investors." MarketWatch describes him as "remarkably consistent." And The New York Times dubbed him "an icon among growth investors." In the words of this Wall Street legend:

"My Whole Career Has Been
Leading Up To This..."

It's a Secret Project. And on Wednesday,
March 28, at 8PM ET, We're Going to Reveal It to You

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If you’re interested in hearing about how you could make a killing during what could be the dramatic final run-up for this historic bull market...

By zeroing in on the market’s truest and most promising growth stories — regardless of market cap, industry, and where on the globe these companies operate...

While at the same time, avoiding the “fool’s gold” and “trap doors” that tend to trick investors during what can be an emotional time in the market...

...you’re going to want to circle this date on your calendar:
Wednesday, March 28.

Stansberry Research is hosting this special event — featuring one of the world's greatest stock pickers — because it could mean the difference between confidently making a bundle during what’s shaping up to be the most important moment of your last bull market... or simply rolling the dice.

Take for instance, Amazon.com versus Pets.com twenty years go.

Both were niche online retailers and dot.com story stocks. Both were like catnip for growth investors during the last melt-up. But only one had true long-term growth potential.

Were you able to tell the difference?

Or think about how difficult it can be to stay invested during the inevitable moments of volatility that punctuate the final, and most lucrative stages of a secular bull market.

Can you tell the difference between a dip, a correction, and a crash when the market begins to plummet?

If you answered ‘no’ to one or both of these questions, or you’re just curious, here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to have this iconic stock picker introduce himself to you, in person, via email...

Because this is a man with a decades long track record of answering these questions correctly. And helping his readers build fortunes along the way.

The moment you enter your email address down below, you'll meet one of the most successful growth investors of all time. And he'll give you a quick rundown on the secret project we've just put the finishing touches on — it's a “total growth” strategy for the coming market melt-up...

Plus, he’ll provide you a link to a secure website where you can discover how to access a number of his top picks for new money now. Along with a handful of timely reports and resources that lay bare his unique approach.

Because here at Stansberry Research, we think there’s a good chance this simple and proven growth stock picking strategy could have a lasting impact on your life and finances.  

After all, it’s the same strategy that turned our friend, a laid back number crunching “quant” from California into a world renowned, multi-decade stock market winner. Through all kinds of up, down, and sideways markets. Including the famous “melt up” of the late 1990’s.

Once you enter your email address below, you’ll get the full story on how you could’ve been alerted to shares of Google in 2005 within months of its IPO. Along with Amazon and Apple around the same time, before these stocks went on to make over 3,800% and 2,000% respectively.

And then there’s Nvidia, which our friend recommended back in June 2016. And it’s been one of the market’s top performing stocks since that recommendation.

You’ll discover how readers like you were directed to see gains of 612%, 751%, and 1,125% on lesser known names like Santarus, Vipshop Holdings, Hansen Natural Corp, and much, much more...

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Why? Because we want to reward you for your time and your commitment to providing yourself every available advantage in pursuit of your life’s financial goals...

And most important, we want to help you make a properly informed decision about what could be one of the more interesting opportunities, and generous deals you’ll ever see.

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